How To Get Involved


How to join

Annual auditions for EUJO take place during the first week of September. You can sign up for an audition during Fresher’s week at our ‘Open Rehearsal€™, after at our official ‘Meet and Greet Sign up’ during the Fresher’s fair, or by email to Check our news page during Fresher’s week (18 – 22 September 2017) for precise timings of auditions.

Who can audition?

EUJO is open to all young musicians, local to Exeter. Typically, it is mostly students at the University of Exeter who make up the society, however there have been several members in recent years from outside of the University. As long as you’re enthusiastic and passionate about playing there is no bar who can try out.

What experience do I need?

Any experience – members from the past have been involved with school bands/county bands/ National bands (NYJO)

Grades – not a prerequisite, but give some indication as to level of playing. Typically looking for grade 6/7+, but not at all a requirement!

The Audition format

  • One prepared unaccompanied piece
  • Short bit of sight reading
  • Short improvisation (accompanied by members of the panel)
  • Be prepared to talk about yourself